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Faith and Moonlight by Mark Gelineau, Joe King

Faith and Moonlight (Volume 1) - Mark Gelineau, Joe King

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The Plot
The plot moved slowly but in a way that easily caught my interest. Despite the intriguing world-building, the story is not so much a conflict based story, but more of a character driven narrative. The Fantasy setting serves as an interesting stage for several internal struggles. The premise was excellent, there was depth in it too. Considering this is the first volume, I would understand that many of the unanswered questions could still be answered later in the series, and that the initial stage of world building would serve a greater purpose. However, I did feel, as a reader, that I was not fed enough information, which was a shame, because I was really interested to know more. The other issue is the fact that this novella feels more like an introduction than an actual full story - and I am not blaming the length of the book. Apart from that, Faith and Moonlight did pique my interest and made me curious to read the rest of the series.

The Characters
The story is mostly focused on the orphans Kay and Roan. These characters are refreshing within the Young Adult genre, they feel extremely real and genuine. You might like them or dislike them, but I assure you that you will 'feel' something. Their actions and decisions, even if you don't agree with them, suit their personality and make perfect sense. I was not as invested in any other characters, but I can imagine they might be relevant in the following volumes.

The Writing Style
This is a pleasantly well done third person limited narrative, multi-POV alternating between Kay and Roan. Transitions in time and plot development are very well done too. The story telling is excellent, very clear and expressive, it makes us jump straight into the mind of each character.