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Child Of The Daystar - Bryce O'Connor

Child of the Daystar (The Wings of War Book 1) - Bryce O'Connor

I've had the pleasure of being part of the beta-reading team for this book, and now, it's officially released!


Child of the Daystar is a beautifully written Dark Fantasy novel, containing quality world-building - you’ll be easily drawn to the world the author has created. The book is focused on the journey and personal growth of a unique character called Raz, a sort of antihero. There are internal and external conflicts involved that add depth to the story, and this is why this book is so interesting. It’s just not about Raz’s mad fighting skills; it’s about his internal struggles too.


With an overall omniscient narrator who is pretty much impartial, this novel was able to easily acquire that ‘old-school’ tone that is missing in so many modern books. You’ll be surprised that, even without Raz’s POV, you’ll still grow pretty much attached to this character.
What I have always liked about speculative fiction is how it can actually explore humanity by contrast. This book does this perfectly! Yes, Raz is a Fantasy character, but in so many ways, feels so real. He could even be one of us, and his physical particularities a metaphor for several aspects of our human condition. I can’t remember the last time I have read about a Fantasy character who is so relatable, even when physically we can say he looks nothing like us.


Overall, amazing debut, can’t wait for the second book in the series, and Bryce has surely gained a fan!