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King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court - Kim Headlee

King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court - Kim Iverson Headlee, Kim Headlee, Mark Twain

The Plot

As a fan of Arthurian tales, this book caught my attention almost instantly. As you can see from the blurb, the plot is related to “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” by Mark Twain, even if I have to admit I’ve never read the classic, but I can assure you that you won’t need any particular knowledge of it to enjoy this book. Morgan le Fay in 2079? I couldn’t wait to read. I have to say that the plot was entertaining indeed, but I was personally a bit disappointed to find out that Morgan would end up as the owner of a baseball team, and most of the book would be dedicated to her misadventures with the ‘London Knights’. I would much rather see Morgan from a more general point of view, dealing with the daily struggles from the real world. I believe that those more interested in sports, and specifically baseball, will be more invested in this book –  As long as you are prepared for a bit of romance too.


Characters & Points of View

For the most part, we really only get to see Morgan’s POV, which is more than enough; so despite the many conflicts included as part of the major plot, this still feels as a character-driven story. Even more surprising that from only Morgan’s POV we have a perception of very well delineated characters, all of them having unique characteristics. It’s easy to like them (or hate them), even if all we know from them is what Morgan tells us.


Writing Style

The story is mostly narrated from Morgan’s POV in very solid second-person prose. Morgan’s voice is unique, entertaining, and amusing. She is very opiniated in this new era, so you’ll find her thoughts and reactions hilarious. I couldn’t imagine a tone or writing style that would suit this narrative better. This is normally the section of my review where I have a bit to complain about, but I am pleased to say that Kim nailed it.


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