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Lumière – Jacqueline Garlick

Lumiere - Jacqueline Garlick

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The Plot

This story grabbed me from the beginning, so bonus points for that because it has been a while since I was able to emerge into a book this quickly. ‘Lumiere’ involves you in a highly captivating fast-paced and action-packed environment, and it’s difficult to not be curious about what ‘is going to happen next’.
The strongest part of this book, in my opinion, is in the middle. I was very curious to know more about Urlick, his background history, his secrets. All of this information has been withheld and revealed at the right times. The author incorporates a bit of conflict after that, which is good, but then we have more conflict, and yet more conflict, which at some point feels as if it’s dragging a bit. So I do feel there are a few conflict points that could be skipped.
Romance is the predictable part of this book, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I feel it worked well in forming a bond with the characters without it being the main focus of the plot.
The world-building was interesting too, and some of the concepts helped creating a gloomy and dark vibe very much needed in the suspenseful / horror bits.
There is this ‘sentence’ who is repeated a few times throughout the book that would have had more impact if it was shared only between two people, something along the lines of ‘our little secret’, but this is just me.


Characters & Points of View

I really liked the characters in this novel, they were incredibly relatable. This is another good example of young characters that are flawed and feel genuine.
Urlick follows the concept of “beast” as in “Beauty and the Beast”, not original but definitely more refreshing than your typical YA heart-throb.
Eyelet is easily likeable but not perfect; she makes mistakes which make perfect sense for this character’s age / level of maturity, and suit her personality and history. I wouldn’t have expected a character of this age to be more mature than what she was portrayed, even if I do have to say that she stands out a bit in her rushed behaviour if we compare her to Urlick – who sounds and acts much older.
I was not as keen on the villain, he was entertaining but I thought he could be a bit more developed.


Writing Style

The story is narrated in first person with two alternating POVs, and it’s all in the present tense. If I had the choice, I’d switch the tense. Along with the present tense, we have some description that feels exhaustive with the constant use of passive of voice.
Animals, machines and other entities act too much as ‘human’ – perhaps it’s the point, but still.
Well, overall the writing style must have worked, since I felt particularly attached to the characters – specially Urlick. Dialogue was very well done too.