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1. I read Fantasy ever since I can remember. 2. My guilty pleasure is chick lit. And 3. You can call me Nya. 

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NaNoWrimo Here We Go!

— feeling big smile

It's the first day of NaNoWrimo (and my first NaNoWrimo ever), I'm so excited and nervous at the same time!


I have procrastinated a lot today, and I've done so many things that I have promised myself I wouldn't be doing, such as: editing sentences, research, getting stuck when I have to write description, etc.


I've even started watching videos of castles at some point to help me with ideas for the descriptions. 


So, it was fine today, because it's Sunday, and I didn't have much to do; but I can imagine this being a disaster during the week, after a long day of work!


2027 words today (that need a lot of editing, but will try not to think about that for now), so I am happy.