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1. I read Fantasy ever since I can remember. 2. My guilty pleasure is chick lit. And 3. You can call me Nya. 

NB I do not claim to be a literature expert, these are only my opinions. I am also here and here.


Random Thought Of The Day

— feeling confident

So guess what? November and NaNoWrimo are coming!


If I could think & create as fast as I type, I could physically type 5340 words per hour! Wouldn't that be amazing? 

Oh well...



But I am feeling particularly motivated today because I have been exchanging long emails (very long) with my NaNoWrimo writing buddy (poor girl!) and I am excited for both of us, plenty of great ideas. Just like me, she doesn't have any close friends who appreciate books much (much less Fantasy books). I remember I've added a few other buddies, but for some reason we haven't kept in touch. If anyone has any extra tips, they'll be very welcome:)