Nya Reads

1. I read Fantasy ever since I can remember. 2. My guilty pleasure is chick lit. And 3. You can call me Nya. 

NB I do not claim to be a literature expert, these are only my opinions. I am also here and here.


Back! Home Sweet Home

So I am finally back to lovely UK. I did have Internet access after all, even if I didn't make that much use of it. Switzerland is lovely, and I will be missing all those 'chocolateries' and 'confiseries' and 'patisseries' (sweet tooth!).


So I've managed to:


- NOT improve my German's knowledge (which is zero) 


- Finish ONE book (yay?)


- Face these horrible steps in platform shoes (sneakers next time):



- NOT freeze (even if I am already used to the cold in the UK, so I was fully equipped)



- Take lots of pictures!




Now back to reality, work, and of course, books :)