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Tell, Don’t Show! – James Lofquist

Tell, Don't Show! - James Lofquist

I picked this book because of the title. Tell, Don’t Show? But if the very well known approach to writing is “Show, Don’t Tell”, what is then this book all about?


First, you are paying to discover Mr. Lofquist’s technique, nothing else. The book is extremely short (38 pages) and this is only because we get to see a few examples. Otherwise, the content could be pretty much summed up in one paragraph.


So, why am I giving it three stars? I am giving it a positive rating because I think the approach is, in fact, effective and helpful. I have realized I have been doing this myself for a while, but only on a per chapter basis. I have to say that such simple technique has opened my eyes and gave me the validation and encouragement I needed: “Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to let your creativity flow!” At least, for a while… During a certain stage! (I am trying to avoid spoilers here)


For those who feel stuck and unable to finish that first novel draft, I highly recommend this quick read! Hopefully, it will open your eyes, and encourage you to use your creativity, and go wild! And I mean, proper wild!


Does this mean that you should only tell and never show? No, this is not what James Lofquist wants to say. And this is all I can say, in order to not include spoilers in this review!