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1. I read Fantasy ever since I can remember. 2. My guilty pleasure is chick lit. And 3. You can call me Nya. 

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TBR Thursday #9

Happy Thursday, everyone!


This was not a very productive week for me in terms of reading, but I did manage to finish a book that I will be reviewing soon (for a blog tour):



And this is the next book in line to review:

Isn’t that a beautiful cover? I am in love with it! Thanks, Kerr-Ann, for sending me a copy to review.


Currently reading (yes, more than one, don’t judge!):




Still reading (Anthologies, Magazines & Short Stories):


As you know, I have been reading a few short stories, but let’s say it’s a ‘work in progress’.


New on TBR:

As if I hadn’t enough to read, there are a few new books on my Kindle (most of them freebies, probably one or two that were on offer):




Not too bad, eh? Of course, I don’t want to see how long my whole TBR is, but that’s a problem for another day.