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Chadwick's Feedback

The Summer Queen - Elizabeth Chadwick

In case anyone is curious, this were Elizabeth Chadwick's thoughts face to a few points I have mentioned in my review:



@NyaReads Thanks for your thoughtful review - I enjoyed it. If I may comment... follows.


Akashic - realise not everyone's into it, but all fiction uses imagination so treat it as same page as that. But always feasible.


Viewpoints and show not tell. That's always more like guidelines than rigid rules IMO. I guess I write like a bird that is...


I flap my wings to fly and do it instinctively, so reading the flight manual to get up in the air isn't for me!


This is what I love about Internet: the exchange of opinions, thoughts and ideas is so prompt and easy.

As always, my reviews just reflect my personal opinion, of course, and for all it matters, Summer Queen was a lovely read, one of my favorites actually.


And that's all for today, enjoy your day, all.