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Tom Thorneval: Dream Merchant Extraordinaire (Addison's Tales Book 1)

Tom Thorneval: Dream Merchant Extraordinaire (Addison's Tales) - Cornelius Addison

(I was offered a free copy of this book via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions my own and unbiased.)


This is an enchanting musical fairytale - or more accurately, anti-fairytale - aiming to reach a young audience but which will please both children and adults.


It has all the good old traditional elements of a tale and more than enough fantasy: Goblins, Fairies, Trolls, Toads, you name it!
Amongst less traditional concepts, we have the ‘interactivity’ feature - it provides you with links to listen to songs. I do think it should have more songs and links in order for this concept to be fully explored.
There is also a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ type of choice - only one and I have yet to evaluate its impact.


Things are never easy for poor Tom, our very special hero, which of course, makes the whole narrative more interesting. His misadventures also explore deeper concepts in a very clever way and the book delivers quite a few philosophical messages and lessons on morality.


Storytelling at its best, I should only complain about the time it took me to get into the actual story - and I can imagine children will be as impatient!

The tone of the book was quite fitting and entertaining, with the right dose of humour and silliness. Expect a few interesting twists too.


Overall, a very enjoyable read.
A realistic journey (“things don’t always go as planned”) hidden behind a fantasy world.