Nya Reads

1. I read Fantasy ever since I can remember. 2. My guilty pleasure is chick lit. And 3. You can call me Nya. 

NB I do not claim to be a literature expert, these are only my opinions. I am also here and here.


Twitter & Social Stuff

So, I have recently created a Twitter account for my #reading adventures. If any of you want to connect, go ahead and follow me. I basically post updates from here or my WordPress blog - and if any of you are on WordPress, I'd be very happy to connect there as well, I am doing this Readathon at the moment (or trying to!) and I have been trying to make the blog all pretty & organised (well, as customized as I could without it being self-hosted - no need for it to be self-hosted for the time being anyway).


And yes, that's it, so I will just shut up now and get back to'work' (reading!) while my boyfriend is on his very 'own' Sons of Anarchy's marathon in the living room! #wearesosocial


Enjoy your Saturday, my friends!