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Over You - Lucy Diamond

Over You - Lucy Diamond

I have picked this book to read on the beach and I was not disappointed. It reminded me a bit of 'Watermelon' by Marian Keyes and the funny thing is that Marian Keyes is actually mentioned too.

What I liked most
- The feel-good vibe. You close the book with a smile in your face.
- The first half of the book. This is very refreshing because I have been having the opposite experience with the last books I’ve read. In this case, Lucy grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t give too much away, just enough to keep you interested and make you wonder.
- The narrative. The narrator accompanies Josie, all her feelings and thoughts. The surprises are only revealed to you when they are revealed to Josie, which adds a bit of suspense and makes you feel more connected to the main character.
- The unexpected surprises along the way - Even if the ending is predictable.
- The fact that both the story and the protagonist feel very genuine and real - her fears and doubts are valid, and even if you have never gone through any similar situation, you can’t help but feel attached to her as her journey proceeds. The small details of her daily life, her children and everyday challenges, it’s real and powerful.

What I disliked:
- The title!

Because it gives too much away. In two lines, you already know that the whole book is going to be about a breakup and that the couple will never get back together. 

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- The character Rob. It was just too convenient to have him there.
- The ending.


Because it is too predictable that 1. Josie will never get back to her husband even if doing so would be too revolting and 2. that she would end up with Rob. It would be nice that she would actually wouldn’t need a man in her life to validate her somehow.

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Final Verdict
Very entertaining book, with its ups & downs and lots of romance.