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Girl's Guide to Witchcraft (Jane Madison, #1)

Girl's Guide to Witchcraft - Mindy Klasky

Look at the cover of this book and even read the synopsis and its very own implied statement. What do you see/ expect? Beach read, light, fun, easy, fluffy. Spiced with paranormal elements. Girl's Guide to Witchcraft has all the ingredients to be a good piece of fun chick lit. And that's exactly what I was expecting to get when I picked this book: nothing more, nothing less. If this book was light, fun and entertaining, even not being a masterpiece, it would get 5 stars from me.

In the end, I can say that I didn't dislike this book, yet I was more than a bit disappointed.



- Lack of fun and excess of drama: This is how I generally felt towards this book. The hilarious bits were not hilarious enough and I found myself turning page after page in hopes to maintain myself entertained. If this book was marketed as drama or had a more serious approach, this would be acceptable. However, I thought this was highly misleading, even if the character's reactions were often silly and childish.



- Filler much? I have also had this negative perception that some pages were more of a filler than a genuine contribution to the development of the plot. There are many repetitions throughout the book because Jane's thoughts keep revolving around past events but they don't add anything to it, not even in the comic department.


- Slow paced plot but a few unpredictable twists. I have to admit that I didn't see a few things coming!

- Shallow characters. And the protagonist's silly personality which doesn't suit her age prevents the reader from becoming too attached to her. Jane is almost my age but acts very childishly - I understand her personality has the purpose to serve as a comic relief but considering all the other aspects of the plot, I would probably attribute this role to Neko only - he had potential but was a bit too much of a stereotype.

- Too much food! Okay, this might sound silly, but I genuinely thought there were too many food descriptions. I might be biased as I was having a painful stomach ache when I was reading this, and I desperately wanted to skip the many pages which would include: Food preparation, food accidents, food thoughts, food fears, food rants, etc.!


- Without wanting to add spoilers, I liked the ending but would rather it to be an open ending than an invitation to the next volume.

This is not a 'No, I won't be reading Mindy Klasky again', but this is a 'No, I do not feel inclined to read the rest of Jane Madison's series.'