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Damaged (Rebirth #1) - Becca Vincenza

Damaged - Becca Vincenza

I quite liked this book. But considering that I had high expectations based on all the positive reviews it had so far, I was a bit disappointed. 



And this is why this book didn't get 4 stars: 

- It was incredibly hard to get into this book in the beginning. The prologue was confusing and the first chapters were very slow paced.

- I was not a fan of the writing style, it could do with some editing too. I could understand that the short sentences, 'fragments', and the use of the first person had the purpose of making the narrative more expressive but it didn't work for me. The steamy parts were the only bits I appreciated, writing style wise. 

- I thought some parts were unnecessary, specifically the way the author introduced us to several different races. 

- The romance had so much potential but it started in such a 'love at first sight' fashion that minimised the impact. 

- This books is part of a series but I have finished the book with the feeling that this should be a single volume. 


Now, this is why this book almost got 4 stars:

- If we disregard the first chapters, the plot was very captivating. It had a nice mix of action, adventure and romance. There were a few plot twists as well. I particularly liked how the important pieces of the plot were not revealed at once.

- The characters felt real and genuine. The female protagonist's pain, her history of abuse and struggles were the strongest points. 

- The romance, if we ignore the first stages of love at first sight during the first chapters, became powerful and real. The steamy parts were very balanced and well written.