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Millie and the American Wedding - Anna Bel

Millie and the American Wedding - Anna Bell

Let me first emphasise this is not a negative rating. I really really wanted to give this book 3 stars because it was VERY entertaining and a nice light read - This means I did enjoy reading this book despite my notes below. Given the fact I consider 'Chick lit' as my 'guilty pleasure' I was not expecting anything out of ordinary or formidable, so as long as it fulfils the purpose within its genre, I am more than happy with it.

So why didn't this book deserve the 3 stars even though it was an entertaining read?
Let's first start with the positives.

What I liked:
- Somehow I thought the characters were 'likeable', this is difficult to explain because sometimes their attitudes are silly but to some degree, you can still easily relate to them. They are real, they are imperfect and not always predictable. The feeling I got in the end was: Yes, I would like to read about these characters again. (I know there is at least another book with Millie and the others and I am seriously considering it. So whatever Anna Bell did here, she did a good job at it)
- The twists! This book can be many things but one thing it is not: boring. The twists made this book not only very easy to read but also quite hilarious.
- The dreamy, cheesy feeling of it all - This book is faithful to its genre and I respect it for that. No use to say 'it's too cheesy' or 'it's all about romance'. It's chick lit, the cover and the synopsis are very clear about the content and with that being said, it met my expectations.

What I didn't like:
- The transition from a character's perspective to a different one is not smooth at all. And this not only regarding the omniscience of the narrator but also the actual setting. So let's say that, for example, one minute you are accompanying Millie's adventures in a specific scenario and all of a sudden, in the next paragraph, in the same chapter, you are inside Colette's house accompanying a completely different setting. For me, this broke the flow of certain parts of the story and decreased its intensity as well.
- I haven't been living in the UK for that long but English is not my native language and it was easy for me to notice the use of British expressions by some of the American characters. I know this is a bit challenging but it's worth noting this.
- Even this being a light book, I thought a few of the characters were worth a bit more of exploring.

Summing up, I think this book was a fun read, I just wish the writing style was a bit smoother but certainly none of the negative points will stop me from considering reading this author again.