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Freak of Nature - Julia Crane

Freak of Nature - Julia Crane

My personal opinion only: I regret to say that I was disappointed with this book even if I didn't dislike to read it. It had a great premise; unfortunately, in my opinion, the main concept was not fully explored: Instead, the book was focused on

a romance that has not enough depth or reason for happening.

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What I liked:

- The initial concept.


What I didn't like:
- The way Kaitlyn's past is unveiled had an interesting potential which, unfortunately, was not explored.
- There were a few errors and contradictions (Kindle Version). Proofread?
- The narrator seems to be always 'partially' omniscient (never fully) because he constantly switches between Kaitlyn and Lucas' perspective with no prior warning or valid reason. I was not a fan of this writing style. One moment you are inside Kaitlyn's brain and suddenly you are in Lucas' brain now with no idea what Kaitlyn is thinking.
- I think Kaitlyn's character is very unrealistic and contradictory.
- In general, characters do not have enough depth and/or motivations.

No doubt that the author is very creative and has a great imagination. The premise is great. Unfortunately, "Freak of Nature" did not meet my expectations. Nevertheless, I am sure it has enough elements for other fans of the genre to enjoy.