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The Sorcery Code (The Sorcery Code, #1) - Dima Zales

The Sorcery Code - Anna Zaires, Dima Zales

This book was a kindle freebie so of course I had to give it a try - I have to confess I have now purchased the Volume 2.
I didn't think I'd end up giving 4 stars to this book - I didn't want to enjoy it as much as I did, it felt like a guilty pleasure! A book with such creative world building and concepts could be so MUCH more (My hopes are in the sequel - to explore all which has been missed ).

The Plot
The beginning was what hooked me! Before I knew it, I was reading incessantly, page after page. Even amongst the cliches, I think the element 'suspense' was worked to the perfect degree to make you feel curious about what could happen next.
On the other hand, I was terribly disappointed with the development of the plot in the last chapters and specially the ending.

The Characters
My favourite character was the antagonist (I am pretty sure this was not the authors' intention!). Augusta, to me, appeared to be pretty rational in her fears and even if part of her was motivated by jealousy, well, this is a human emotion too! She seemed to be the most genuine and real character of them all. Her motives were pretty clear too, unlike the others. And she remains loyal to her beliefs even if those are controversial.
My least favourite character was Blaise (oops this was supposed to be the main character!). I admire his values and how far he is willing to go to benefit the peasants but at some point, he does seem to lose track of his objectives. He needs to set his priorities urgently: Saving his people, saving Gala, entering the Spell Realm? Is he serious about making a change in the world and seek a solution for the unfair differences of his society OR is he just a mad scientist obsessed with his creation?
There are some aspects about Gala that make her interesting (not necessarily likeable!) - most of the time she is nothing more than a selfish and careless young girl. - not suitable to whatever romance she's thrown into.

Favourite points
The world building, the magical concepts, how easy it is to get into the magical world created by the authors unlike many fantasy books.

What's missing for me
Less cliches, More descriptions, More character depth & development.